Soap Dispenser Design for Arthritis Sufferers: Enhancing Accessibility and Ease of Use



Wall mounted Soap Dispenser for People with Arthiritis

We recognized that traditional soap dispensers, such as disposable bottles, bar soap, and disposable pumps, do not address the difficulties faced by people with arthritis in operating them. These dispensers require the use of both hands and a high level of dexterity, which can be challenging for people with arthritis.

Therefore, we have designed our dispenser with a pump mechanism that allows accessibility for all users, with an easy push-up system that only requires the use of any horizontal surface. We aim to make soap dispensing effortless and accessible for people with arthritis by improving the design of the dispenser.

”Joint stiffness upon rising in the morning is one of Rheumatoid Arthritis's most common symptoms.”

- Vandever

The best relief for this type of pain is a hot shower. But the process of showering itself can still be challenging and painful.

This project explores solutions to solve the problems people with rheumatoid arthritis would have when using soap in the shower

Design Considerations

Easy to dispense
Comfortable to use
Able to operate with one hand

Easy to re-fill
Easy to mount
No use of batteries
Large Reservoir

Not look like a disability aid
Fit multiple dispensers
Be non-bulky and compact

Market Analysis

Current methods of using soap such as disposable bottles, bar soap, and disposable pumps do not address the problems for the people who suffer from arthritis. They require the use of both hands to operate and a high level of dexterity. Wall mounted soap dispensers are recommended for most people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Although these dispensers are an improvement, they still do not address the problems that most people with Arthritis has.

This first set of prototypes explores the methods for dispensing liquid soap. The level of effort required to operate the dispensers were considered in choosing the final mechanism.

Design Exploration
Size and Shape

The size of the dispenser should not be too intrusive but should be able to hold a large amount of liquid soap for refills to happen less often.

Maximum clearance is given to people with severe forms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Boutonniere and Swan-neck Deformity)

The pump mechanism is chosen for people with severe dexterity issues to allow accessibility for all users.

An easy push up system that only requires the use of any horizontal surface such as a palm or the back of the hand

The final design for the soap dispenser was based on minimizing the sharp corners of the initial shape while maintaining a minimal aesthetic.

The soap dispenser is easy and comfortable to use with a fully open or partially open palm

The large top allows easy refilling with any size bottle or refill bag.

No Batteries Required.